Ironing cover ChriPcy

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The ironing board cover that guides you through the folding of your clothes and helps you ironing! !

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The disaster...

Your clothes are badly folded and their sizes make it difficult to store.

Without ChriPcy


This is perfect!

Your clothes are neatly arranged and neatly folded thanks to their uniform size.

With ChriPcy

Optez pour une housse pour table de repassage innovante

The major advantage of CHRICPY: ITS FOLDING GUIDE, for an easy ironing and a perfect folding of your clothes!

CHRIPCY is an easy ironing board cover with an excluive drawing that guides you into the folding of your clothes.

Even if you don't iron and smooth out you linen by hand, CHIPCY will be very useful for you.
Set on a table, bed or couch... Your linen will always be perfeclty folded.